Oh My Childhood Days

Quezon City, Philippines is the place I called home when I was a kid. It is also where I was born and where I spent my elementary days. Miriam College, an all-girls private Catholic school, was where I was enrolled since my preschool days. Just before moving to the United States, I spent my last school year in the country at Angelicum College, another private Catholic school – though that time, it wasn’t an all-girls school.

I did and enjoyed a lot of things when I was a kid. My favorite was spending time with my grandparents as they tended to take me along with them wherever they went may it be work-related or just to go and hang out. I also enjoyed spending time with my favorite cousin Karen and my sisters Claudine and Wendy. We played together, hung out and had sleepovers, and bonded. Ballet classes were something we did together for a bit on weekends. Though Ate (Tagalog for older sister) Wendy doesn’t have the same mom as Claudine and I, our relationship has always been great. She looked out for us and tend to be quite protective from time to time, especially with me.

My maternal aunt (Momzy) and my paternal uncle (Tito Bobot) are both my godparents. They are the same in a way the they have always loved their nieces nad nephews to the fullest. We all grew up being showered with their eternal and unconditional love and they both have spoiled us to the fullest. But that didn’t mean we got away with things.

Polly Pockets, Lisa Frank, and Sanrio were our thing! We also enjoyed playing with Chinese jackstones, jackcstones, and Tamagochis. Games we played that required us to be more active were Tag, Tagutaguan (Hide and Seek), Patintero, Bahaybahayan (House), and Agawan Base. If bored out of our minds at our grandparents’ house, we rented out VHS tapes to watch movies besides being taken out by either Momzy, Tito Bobot, and our grandparents. We listened to lots of music but my ultimate fave back then (ok, I’m not gonna lie, even up to now!) are Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Boyzone. Seeing them in concert was something we dreamed of then. My bedroom walls were filled with pull-out posters of these pop groups that I collected from magazines.

We didn’t have the devices, social media/internet, and technology we have now back then. Kids like me were easily satisfied with what we had available at the time and we somehow managed to enjoy and made the best out of the much simpler lifestyle the world had to offer back then.